To help you get a better understanding about VA Empire here are some common asked questions?

Why VA Empire?

 The VA Empire Travel Basketball Organization is located in Strasburg, VA. Our mission is to develop the best student athletes in Virginia. We are preparing student athletes to compete at competitive levels. We install family values, and are committed to teaching basketball fundamentals, knowledge of the game, skill development, sportsmanship, character, teamwork and maintaining healthy lifestyles. We motivate, empower, and educate each athlete. Each athlete will learn mental, physical, and emotional toughness and develop a love for the game. 

 The younger groups, from 5th grade to 6th grade, receive individual skill development from a talented and knowledgeable group of coaches. The 7th to 9th grade players are groomed by an outstanding group of expert coaches for playing at the next level — college basketball! Those players build on the detailed instruction they’ve learned throughout their time with VA Empire and are fundamentally and athletically prepared to take their games to a higher level. VA Empire enjoys a strong and collaborative relationship with middle school coaches,  high school coaches and that benefit extends to the college ranks.

 How do I play for a VA Empire Team?
Formal tryouts are conducted for each grade category.  

 How much does it cost to play?
The cost is discussed at each information meeting and tryout.. That fee pays for AAU Membership, practice facility time, a reversible practice jersey a  reversible game jersey and 8-9 tournaments. minimal.   Fundraising and Sponsorship help with team costs.

 How many games are played at a given tournament?
There is no hard and set rule, but in general, teams will play two or three games per tournament.

 How many practice days per week are there?
There is no hard and set rule when it comes to practice, but normally 5th to 8th grade teams will practice twice a week. The 9th grade teams may practice three times a week.

 What type of schedule does a team play?
The schedule is determined by our Coaching Staff and posted in advance. In general, we play and travel regionally (Virginia) 1-2 hours to each  location. We pick tournaments that will challenge our players and provide experience and exposure.   Worried about travel our Empire Family helps each other by car pooling etc when needed. 

How do I contact the VA Empire?

Visit our CONTACT US section.